New to Epic?

An Opportunity to get in on something New!

We are a group of people who are looking for others that want to begin the journey of planting a new church in Parker, Colorado.  Are you interested?  Are you desiring to get involved in something larger than yourself and will make a difference that will outlast you?  

An Engaging and Inspiring worship celebration. 

When you check us out Sunday morning, you'll experience a warm, energetic, and inviting environment.  Get a cup of coffee, grab a seat, and let the next hour or so encourage and challenge you!  

An Opportunity to make Connections.

At each of our Sunday Celebrations, you'll have an opportunity to connect with what goes on at Epic Church between the Sundays!  The Growth Groups that meet in various communities throughout the week are an excellent opportunity to get deeper in relationships as well as a deeper exploration into who Jesus is.

Check out this video:

An Opportunity for Life Change.

In every environment at Epic Church, you will be encouraged, challenged, and given opportunity to make some kind of change in your life.  When your story comes into contact with God's story, amazing things happen!  So, whether that happens at a Sunday Celebration, a Growth Group, or with someone coaching you one-on-one, we are all about seeing God change lives for the better.

It's all about being the kind of people Jesus desires us to be.

The Bible says, "the world will know you are my disciples if you love each other."  That's the challenge.  Epic Church is about one thing - loving others in such a way that they get to know how great Jesus is!

An Opportunity to be part of a Global Community


Epic Church does not stand alone.  We are part of a larger family called the Church of the Nazarene.  The Nazarenes are a global denomination that has a heart for the poor, the outcast, the marginalized, and the wayward.  Our denomination has been around for about 100 years and the reach of our global community extends into over 140 world areas.  The Nazarenes feed the poor, clothe the naked, bring water to the thirsty, and share the good news of God's love.

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