Kris & Mendy Hayne


We have such a passion for the community of Parker.  Our story is that we moved into town about 5 years ago to help start a church in Lone Tree.  We have now expanded that mission into Parker with Epic Church.  We believe in this community and what Epic Church can do to enhance the town that we love.

We have four children, Brianna(20), Andrew(17), Molly(11), and Logan(8).  Mendy and I have been married for 24 years and have served in full time ministry for 11 years.  We are really "out-doorsy" people.  If we are not camping or hiking or flyfishing or riding our bikes, then we're just standing in the sun because we love it!

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 Leadership Team @ Epic Church

We've recognized there is "wisdom in the counsel of many".  God has seen fit to put a group of people together who share a common mind and heart concerning Epic Church and its mission. Our leadership team is comprised of four additional men and women who are filled with God's spirit that bring passion and wisdom to the process of leading Epic Church.  

As Epic grows and evolves, we will become a representative style of leadership where the congregation is involved in electing its leaders.  Many churches around the world operate in this fashion and this method provides a great deal of accountability and ownership for all who want to be a part!

Philosophy of Leadership @ Epic Church

One of our core values is everyone has a chance to lead.  Woven into the environment of Epic are opportunities that will both inspire and challenge you to become a better leader, all within the framework of your ability, personality, and God-given gifts.  The Bible says that it is the job of the pastor to empower the congregation for ministry and leadership.  Epic Church believes in that philosophy of leadership.