Core Values


1. Empowering Leadership

a. An environment where anyone can reach their fullest potential in Jesus for service and leadership

b. Ethos where God’s call is heard, obeyed, and nurtured

2. Gift-based Ministry

a. Each member of the body serves within the spectrum of giftedness, passion, experience, and strengths

b. This results in greater fulfillment, joy, and buy-in

3. Passionate Spirituality

a. The Christ-following life lived with conviction, commitment, and enthusiasm


4. Inspiring Worship

a. The corporate worship experience is inviting, motivating, and challenging

b. The corporate experience is done with the primary purpose of reaching people who have little to no church background.

5. Holistic Growth Groups

a. Application of biblical principles into everyday life

b. Relationships are nurtured, divine truth learned, and the mission is acted upon

6. People “On-Mission”

a. We meet needs, share stories, listen sincerely, and participate in the Big Story of God’s love as we take the “church” to the community

7. Loving Relationships

a. Authenticity. Acceptance. Patience. Truth.

b. In everyday life, being willing to be “interrupted” so God’s compassion for others can flow through us